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We, THE VFD COLLECTIVE, are creators. Those who simply like beautiful lights
Our goal is to build up, connect a helpful and supporting community of DIY enthusiasts


1. Connect


THE VFD COLLECTIVE provides a contemporary opportunity to find and get in touch with makers and DIY enthusiasts

2. Create & Inspire


Create together to turn ideas into products.
We encourage you to publish your work, DIY guides, developer resources and final products here at THE VFD COLLECTIVE



THE VFD COLLECTIVE helps you to promote and market your product. We help you to reach the right people


We want to bring makers, designers, DIY enthusiasts, artists, photographers and all the creative people together. Simply tag #TheVFDCollective and #CreateWithVFDCo, and your content will appear on the feed.

Here's the idea.
We thought that when creating something wonderful, having supportive people around that share the same passion and create together is a great gift. Connect in the name of The VFD Collective where artists can meet engineers and makers find photographers to realize ideas.


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2. Create & Inspire

Now it's time to create, develop and work together.
We are excited to feature the most awesome ideas at The VFD Collective and invite you to publish your work,
whether it's a DIY guide, an inspiring article, dev documentation, a finished product or just a crazy idea.

Tag @vfdcollective to get featured!



We are still building up a community. Opportunities of expanding, growing with us, The VFD Collective will be available soon. Exciting times ahead!

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