Fluorescence / OpenVFD

+ Does FLUORESCENCE come with spare VFD tubes?

There are no spare tubes or spare parts included. We ensure that every component is new with high quality. Any component issue is covered by our free repair & recycling program.


No, FLUORESCENCE is designed for indoor use only at a dry place. Moisture or water may cause permanent damage to circuit components of FLUORESCENCE

+ How do I change the real time clock battery of FLUORESCENCE?

To keep time when FLUORESCENCE is disconnected from a power source, we use a CR2032 battery. The lifetime of such a battery is limited to a few years. Once FLUORESCENCE stops remembering time, the battery needs to be replaced. We will change the battery for you within the warranty time. Otherwise, remove the four bottom screws to access and replace the battery yourself.

+ What happens with the date on a leap year?

No worries! Fluorescence by THE VFD COLLECTIVE is leap year compensated until year 2100.

+ What materials are used to build FLUORESCENCE?

The enclosure of Fluorescence by THE VFD COLLECTIVE is made of acrylic. Our aim is to use RoHS compliant parts, although the compliance cannot be guranteed for NOS parts such as the IV-11 tubes. FLUORESCENCE is vegan and does not use any materials or substances derived from animals.

+ Do you offer discount codes?

Yes we do! Check out The VFD Collective community section and see how to get your limited time discount code in our stores!

+ What is OpenVFD?

OpenVFD is a powerful open source foundation platform including software and hardware design for VFD Tube Clocks and is the name of the first generation 6 Digit IV-11 VFD Tube Digital Clock designed by THE VFD COLLECTIVE.


The second generation 6 Digit IV-11 VFD Tube Digital Clock, a commercial product based on the OpenVFD platform is marketed as Fluorescence by THE VFD COLLECTIVE or FLUORESCENCE.


+ From where do you ship?

Our products are shipped from Berlin, Germany where they are build.

+ Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we are excited to tell you that we ship worldwide from Germany. Please be aware of the import policies and extra VAT fees of your country before ordering, as we have no influence over the policies of your country.

+ When will my package arrive?

Our product needs to be build for you individually. We do our best to ship your order within 4 weekdays. As soon as we hand over the package to the delivery service, you can track the location of your package with the tracking ID and it's up to the delivery service how long it will take to arrive and we have no influence over this. Please note that international orders might be further delayed due to the import process by customs.

+ My shipment has been returned to THE VFD COLLECTIVE. What Do I do?

Seems like you haven't picked it up on time or the address contains an error. When the original package has returned to us, we will try to send it to you one more time to the correct address and cover the costs. But in case it happens again, we will unfortunately have to charge you with the actual shipment costs to your place and an additional processing fee of 10€.

Return PolicY

+ Item(s) of my order arrived damaged

This is of course very frustrating. Please reach to our customer service and send us pictures of the affected item(s). We will investigate on your case. In most cases, we will replace your item with a new one.

+ Product(s) do not match my expectations

We are very sorry to hear that. Please take a look at the general return policy.

Developer Topics


No, we do not encourage unlicensed cloning. But we provide enough material that make creating your own circuit board possible. Promise, designing a PCB on your own is fun! The final PCB files are intended for professional manufacturing and unsuitable for home production. Although we gladly provide you with our part placement/mapping and dimension files (click to contact us)