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Software: myOpenVFD

... is the name of a little app that creates magical, colorful moments on FLUORESCENCE. Besides that, myOpenVFD can sync time and update the firmware of FLUORESCENCE.

Minimal requirements: 1024 x 768 resolution, Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later w/ .NET™ Framework 4.5 or higher.

Current Version:, Updated: March 21st, 2018
File Format: ZIP-Archive, 582 KB


Quick Start Guide & User Manual


Quick Start Guide - PDF Document, 402 KB
User Manual - PDF Document, 3.3 MB


The latest software for FLUORESCENCE by The VFD Collective. Use myOpenVFD to update.

Current Version: 2.3f, Updated: January 5th, 2019
File Format: ZIP-Archive, 437 KB


Developer Resources

Love to tear things apart? Check out all The VFD Collective files, including myOpenVFD and the firmware:

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